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HR professional to help companies and people succeed in their work

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Helping companies and people to reach their goals

Partner4People’s mission is to help companies and their people succeed in their work. As in the company’s name, partnership and people are at the core of my values. My way of working is based on personal commitment, trust, clarity and shared targets with the customer.

Partner4People Oy provides HR services such as interim HR partner, HR projects and workplace conflict mediation. A company’s need for an HR partner may arise unexpectedly or be planned. The need can be permanent or temporary, full-time, part-time or project-specific. As all companies are different and have different needs, I always tailor my services to meet the company’s needs. An HR partner is a good solution when your company needs an experienced HR professional who is able to take the lead in day-to-day HR matters and add value to your business.

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Interim HR partner for mature company

Interim HR partner can help your company in different situations such as:

  • Substituting your company’s current HR Manager
  • Transition phase due to personnel changes
  • Projects requiring additional expertise and/or resources
  • Assessment and development of current HR function and/or processes
  • Need for external expertise in people processes

External HR partner for growth company

An external HR partner can support growth companies in situations such as:

  • Ensuring compliance with legal HR requirements
  • Setting up the HR function
  • Establishing, implementing or scaling up HR processes and practices
  • Enabling conditions for a company to grow from a human resources perspective

Coflict mediating partner for all companies

An external mediator can help resolve workplace conflicts and disagreements:

  • Workplace conflict mediation
  • Resolving tense situations in the work community
  • Helping to increase interactivity and communication
  • Ensuring a good working atmosphere

Partner – Sanna Repo

I’m an experienced HR professional with a diverse HR background. I have worked in various operational and strategic HR positions for over 20 years. I have gained experience in different industries and organizations in both domestic and international environments. Over the years, I have supported various management teams in my HR role. In my previous roles, I got used to working flexibly between various operational and strategic HR matters. The variety of tasks and changing situations really get me going and make me sparkle.

In my client work, I can draw on my extensive HR expertise and wide networks and I’m used to using a variety of facilitating working methods to enhance cooperation in organisations. I also constantly develop myself and my working skills. Active networking and self-development are a way for me to interact with other professionals.

You’ll find my detailed profile and CV on LinkedIn.

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Educational background

  • Master of Business Administration, Turku School of Economics 2001
  • Work supervisor and process consultant, Turku University Brahea Center 2019
  • Certified Narrative Big Five professional 2021*
  • Work community conflict mediator 2022

*I’m a certified Narrative Big Five -professional. Narrative Big Five -personality profile is a tool which I can use to support team/individual development. The Narrative Big Five personality profile describes the five areas of personality and is an efficient personality and team profiling tool, based on modern personality research. The Big Five model of personality is an extensively studied and reliable personality model. It has been widely accepted as the ”standard” of personality assessment and it is also often used as the basis when evaluating the validity of other personality assessment tools.